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Why a Networking Conversation is Worth Your Time October 14, 2020

As a recruiter in the Behavioral Health industry, I get to talk with BCBAs and other ABA professionals on a daily basis. In sharing TYGES’ process with you, I hope to show that a brief conversation with a recruiter costs only your time and could make all the difference to your career trajectory.

First, a little background. TYGES works with organizations around the country looking to hire BCBAs and other ABA professionals that work with children and adults with Autism using ABA therapy. Companies we work with provide us with the job description of a position to be filled, and it is my job as an Executive Recruiter to find qualified individuals for that role.

Once I have a job description, I search in our database to find candidates I’ve talked with in the past that might be a good fit. I then search for candidates local to the target area, and from there begin making calls!

So, when I reach out to candidates it will be for one of two reasons.

The first, I might be calling about a specific role. If there is a candidate that looks like they could be a good fit for a position, I will reach out and give some general information about the opportunity. If the candidate is interested, I will set a time to discuss both the role and also the candidate’s own background and career goals to see if there is a fit.

If a fit is there, I will bring that candidate through to the next step in our process: the conversation with the Account Executive, the person on our team who has direct contact with the hiring authority. After that conversation, the Account Executive will put that candidate in front of the hiring authority and will walk the candidate through their interviews with that company.

The second reason I may be reaching out is to network. Even though this call is very brief, I have seen it benefit candidates in surprising ways.

Remember how when starting a search to fill a role, I first search for candidates in our database that I have already spoken with? Knowing ahead of time what a candidate is open to helps me identify right off the bat which candidate might be a good fit for a position.

I will also confidentially market exceptional candidates (with their permission, of course) to organizations within their target areas. The goal is to partner with companies that are in need of candidates we have in our network at TYGES, resulting in a fitting opportunity for the candidate.

At the end of the day, a brief networking conversation opens a candidate to the network TYGES has of ABA organizations across the entire country. If candidates do move forward with a position, TYGES will guide the candidate all the way through the interview and hiring process, ready to answer questions or give advice.

The 15 minutes is really worth the time.

Written by: MELINDA MARRIOTT, Executive Recruiter

Melinda Marriott is a recent graduate of William & Mary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and in Government. She is a hard-working individual with an enthusiasm for learning and embracing opportunities, and a desire to improve the lives of others. Melinda has established herself as a knowledgeable recruiter in the ABA industry. As a recruiter for TYGES Behavioral Health, Melinda strives to connect outstanding ABA professionals with the most fitting opportunities to benefit both them and their clients.

In her free time, Melinda can be found exploring Williamsburg, reading, listening to music, or being with people in her community. 

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